Birth Photography

Birth photography is rapidly growing in popularity in other countries and currently a slowly growing movement in the U.K.

Images are immensely powerful, and offer parents a tangible record of their child's birth and the very first moments of meeting their newborn.

Having your birth story documented with photography is something to treasure for years to come.

I believe birth is one of the most powerful and life changing events of your life and should be supported and remembered.

When I attend any birth, I will be extremely respectful of the birth space and quietly work around my couples so as not to disturb them or the professionals they have supporting them. 

I fully appreciate births can be unpredictable and time consuming, my aim is to photography your new born perfectly.

To definitely secure me for 'due date' and 1 week either side the cost is £695. 

I take no big appointments on such as a wedding and I am never further than 2 hours away. Obviously I am always on call for you, and would always aim to be there if birth is before the secured times.

To call me when your waters break and hope I am still available the cost £295. (Only reason I can't get usually is due to wedding photography).

Both require a £100 booking fee.  The mother is to speak to hospital and explain my presents and gain approval. Usually I need to be on a list as a birthing partner. Willing to scrub in if there is change a in the birth process BUT hospital have to allow me to do so. 

All high resolution images professionally edited on a USB stick to keep