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Clare Gelderd

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    Clare Gelderd, that's me! Cumbria born and bred, country lass who loves being outside.

    Legacy - my aim in life is to leave a positive impact on those around me. My legacy aim is not about money, but moments. Blessings of laughing until you cry, supporting others and thoroughly enjoying each and every precious moment we have. My career ensures I'll achieve my goal and I will leave an unforgettable stamp of the world of joy, memories and treasures!

    Definately a down to earth photographer that is always 'keeping it real'.

    I don't lack energy and enthusiasm, I wholeheartedly love making others laugh and helping others be successful!
    Clearly, I am on the ADHD spectrum, meaning my career is a perfect fit for my hyperfocused creativity, dedication to others andunique skillset of reading the room.

    Less of the super powers bullshit now, more of the real me too...

    A spade,
    is a spade.
    What you see is what you get. 
    'Straight in every aspect of the word' Clares friend 2020.

    I am an AWARD WINNING photographer (not)! I am a barrel of laughs though, sometimes wo-man of the match when I play rugby, gathered up a number of 1st places whilst presenting and handling livestock, run my own successful  business since I was 18.

    Not forgetting, I enjoy slipping in a few tasteful swear words when applicable, because honest people do that sh*t. 

    Oh and I sing all the songs in chruch! 

    OVERVIEW IN SHORT - An adventurous, outdoorsy, Northern, rugby playing lass, with farming in my blood and a wild creative flare.
    I identify as a hilerious Legend, and sometimes a little crazy*.

    *'Life isn't about being perfect, it's about being so rediculously passionate that people think you are a little crazy.'

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    My Approach...

    I believe each wedding should be seen with fresh eyes and captured ensuring the mood, energy and love is documented accordingly. 

    I am in touch with energy in the room, enabling me to photograph moments in the most authentic way, resulting in beautifully choreographed images that are visually artistic and unique. 

    I am motivated and support my clients throughout the run up and during their perfect day.

    I am laid back, enthusiastic and light hearted.

    Relaxed wedding photography


    I will offer to help and support you through your journey, when we work together.

    I've over a decade experience as a photographer within the wedding industry, and I am a wedding and events co-ordinator too!

    Equipped with my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED suppliers lists, wedding welcome guide, along with my to the point approach, you'll value every stage of your journey.

    I believe, a streamlined, stress-free journey is essential for you both, that way you'll be glowing on your wedding day! 

    Fun wedding photography


    I am an absolute believer teamwork makes the dreamwork! ...We are in this together!

    We will consult to pre-plan and create your day - your way.

    Your wedding experience will be relaxed, memorable and a barrel of laughs. 

    I happily consider any crazy, unique and bespoke photography ideas.

    informal wedding images



    You can trust me to photograph your wedding as it unfolds naturally, whilst ensuring all my slightly off the wall ideas will be worth it.

    I'm skilled at fitting in with any wedding party, whether it is prim & proper, laid back and banterous or quirky as hell!

    I take pride in hand editing all your images in my signature style.

    Likewise, I trust you've hired me because you do not want basic boring or bright and airy! 

    waterfall wedding


    Ultimately, you will both love the service I provide along with my signature style. The visuals I capture from your wedding day will be authentic, artistic and ageless.

    As flowers wilt, styles alter and times change, my photography will sit alongside your memories from and enhance each and every moment.

    Having captured your love, lust, passion and reactions in it purest form of marriage, you will both appreciate and relive moments from my signature style creations in decades to come.

    calm wedding photography

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